Software for Today’s Community​

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Deliver a superior resident experience everyday.​


Engage your community by leveraging the convenience of online.


Manage resources efficiently to spend less time on work and more time on delivering value.


Track progress and engagement with real-time tools and insights.


Plan to ensure sustainability and social equity.


Integrate with your partners & tools to create a frictionless ecosystem for you and your community.

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"Engaging with our agency online has never been easier for our residents thanks to SmartRec by Amilia."
Grapevine Parks & Rec​

We are thinking ahead.​

We are leading the digital transformation to help Parks & Recreation departments transform their communities and create sustainable futures.​

Here’s how we’re doing it.​


We start by assessing the P&R department’s goals, needs and vision with a personalized, hands-on approach.​


We craft unique plans and help you execute them to ease your business processes and improve your resident experience.​


We implement dynamic tools to help you meet your sustainability and community engagement goals.​

We work with trailblazers.

We work with cities, towns and municipalities like yours to transform their back-office operations & improve their residents’ customer experience. And we also work with a roster of over 1200 sports & recreation organizations who have successfully transformed their operations for the better.​​

​Join us in our mission to transform Parks & Recreation agencies with technology built for today’s communities.​​