Amilia is redefining the future of Parks & Recreation

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Parks & Recreation departments should be essential forces for sustainable growth in communities.

Their vitality can have direct impacts on community engagement, health & well-being, education, labor & employment, and the environment.

But in the age of declining government budgets, Parks & Rec departments are often an afterthought. Their budgets are the first to get cut.

Amilia's SmartRec helps cities and municipalities sell their activities and make everything organized.

New technology can help out, but most software out there doesn’t really understand P&R’s distinct needs and differences.

It’s time for Parks & Rec departments to demand more from their software.

And it’s time that cutting-edge tech companies help Parks & Rec professionals make the best use of resources, and in turn, serve their communities better.

We want to work with those boundary-pushing trail-blazers who aren’t satisfied with the status quo.

We are thinking ahead.

We are leading the digital transformation to help Parks & Recreation departments transform their communities and define their sustainable futures.

Here’s how we’re doing it.


We start by assessing the P&R department’s goals, needs and vision with a personalized, hands-on approach.


We craft unique plans to ease your business processes and improve your resident experience to serve your community better.


We implement dynamic e-commerce tools to help you meet your goals.

Nobody should be afraid to push boundaries when the right people and the right tools are supporting them.

We work with trailblazers.

We work with progressive leaders in the parks & recreation space who understand when the status quo has failed them.

We work with cities, towns and municipalities to transform their back-office operations & improve their resident’s customer experience.

And we also work with a roster of over 1200 sports & recreation organizations who have successfully transformed their operations for the better.

Join us in our mission to transform Parks & Recreation agencies through e-commerce.