We believe that building a thriving community starts with what we do today.

SmartRec is a recreation management software that helps you lay the building blocks of sustainability so you can deliver a superior resident experience for this and future generations.

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Our 5-pillar approach empowers Parks & Recreation agencies to better serve their communities today, tomorrow, always.

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Engage your community by leveraging the convenience of online.

  • Integrated Storefront

    Offer an unbeatable, mobile-optimized registration experience with flexible payment options.

  • Global User Profile

    Access up-to-date resident data and medical information through one global profile that syncs across Amilia-run organizations.

  • Custom Forms

    Collect the important resident information you need during registration, and access it with just a click.

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Manage resources efficiently and focus on doing the work that matters.

  • Online Facility Bookings

    Maximize the use of your space, avoid scheduling conflicts, and give residents the flexibility to self-book facilities online.

  • Automate Programs

    Reclaim time spent on managing programs manually with automated wait lists, registration restrictions, and more.

  • Staff Management

    Link staff with activities, create schedules and grant 24/7 access to timesheets and more via the staff app.

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Plan to ensure sustainability and social equity.

  • Community Segmentation

    Create meaningful community segments for targeted activities, scholarships and resident discounts.

  • Cost Recovery

    Develop effective pricing strategies for all your services with our recommendation engine.

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We work with trailblazers.

Oct 1, 2019

Software for today's communities

Our staff would spend hours entering registration information into three different systems. Now, we have the time to plan and improve programming to better serve our residents.

Chris Kearney, Recreation Supervisor, City of Montreal West, Canada

Jan 15, 2020

An incomparable system

The SmartRec team has been ultra-responsive and compassionate of our fears & uncertainty as we moved from an antiquated system to the most progressive, user-friendly software on the market.

Kevin Mitchell, Executive Director, Grapevine Parks & Rec

Mar 11, 2020

The future of registration software is here

(SmartRec offers) accessibility, ease of use, a new but smarter way to register. The customer service has been excellent, I would definitely say one of the company's strong points, both customer service, training and onboarding has been stellar. I really think the future of registration software is here. Our customers absolutely love it!

David M., Executive Director, Lindenhurst Park District

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