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How SmartRec Helped the Town of Montreal West Cut Down On Admin Work

+27% Increase in registrations by over 27%.

$40,000+ Over $40,000 increase in revenue.

50% Increase in payments by credit card.

“Our staff would spend hours entering registration information into three different systems. Now, we have the time to plan and improve programming to better serve our clients. Our registrations increased by 27%!”
Chris Kearney Recreation Supervisor, Town of Montreal West, Canada
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About The Town of Montreal West


Since signing up with Amilia, Town of Montreal West has completed over 62,000 checkouts through SmartRec.


Increase in revenue just after the first year of using SmartRec.

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From summer camps, sports leagues, and birthday parties to pool access and fitness programs, Montreal West has its residents covered.

The Recreation and Cultural Services Department in the town of Montreal West offers its residents a broad range of activities and programs for all ages and interests.

Chris Kearney and his team work hard to develop and improve programs each year to keep the community engaged and to respond to all their needs and requests. The recreation and culture departments employ anywhere from three to nineteen employees depending on the time of year. These employees work together to provide physical activities to as many residents as possible at an affordable price.

The Challenge

Before Amilia, Chris and his team managed their activities with multiple systems including pen & paper registration. This led to a multitude of problems including human error, lost information and most importantly, the time spent transferring information from one data source to another. At one point, the same data had to be entered into four systems and employees were wasting hours upon hours on data entry.

Chris needed a solution that would keep all his client information centralized to avoid unnecessary repetition and errors while saving his employees valuable time.

The Solution

After doing some research on online registration solutions and finding them outdated and lacking in user experience, Chris came across Amilia. He discovered that Amilia could help him manage everything from customer experience to administrative duties like registrations and scheduling.

The flexibility and breadth of the solution combined with the user-friendly interface made it an easy choice for the town’s new software solution. Everything from the sales process to the implementation and training was straightforward.

With Amilia, staff are now able to collect client information through online registrations and forms.

While the number of staff members hasn’t changed, their tasks have dramatically shifted from data entry and administrative work to program development and customer service. In turn, this has drastically improved the accuracy of the data collected. What’s more, with everything stored in one place, there’s no more redundant data entry.

Residents are no longer complaining that the department is stuck in the Stone Age. Since customers’ information is inputted and stored in Amilia, there’s no need to manually enter data each time a customer registers for a class or activity. In other words, registration is now done in a fraction of the time.

Since signing up with Amilia, The Town of Montreal West has completed over 62,000 thousand checkouts through the software. Those numbers continue to grow as residents discover the simplicity of Amilia’s user accounts.

If you are interested to learn how SmartRec could help you and your organization succeed like it helped Montreal West, just reach out to our team. We would be happy to discuss it with you!