5 Private Lesson Nightmares You're Ready to Wake up From

Mateo Stabio
Mateo Stabio
November 13, 2019 3 min read

Private lessons can be a major recipe for success. They offer a surefire way to help your students and athletes achieve their goals and are great for building community and loyalty around your organization. Not to mention, they also help boost revenue! But anyone who has managed a packed calendar of private lessons knows the pain of juggling schedules of coaches, students, gym facilities and everything in between. So many moving parts, so little time.

We went to the source and talked with our clients about their biggest headaches when trying to schedule private lessons. These nightmares might make you cringe, but they don't have to be your everyday reality. Not anymore, that is.

1. Lessons overlap, coaches are double-booked and only you have access to the whole schedule—a little help here?

Our new private lessons feature auto-populates a schedule that is ready to book online based on your facility and staff availabilities, so you don’t need to manually set up activity after activity yourself. This allows you to minimize mistakes that otherwise cost you time and revenue. Clients have all the information at their fingertips so they can easily pick the right coach, the right time and a location that works for them with zero involvement from you!

Private Lessons Internal Image 1

2. Staff availability seems to change every second of every day, so you're always rechecking the availability of coaches, students and facilities—who can keep up let alone maintain a reliable schedule?

Stop bearing the burden of time-consuming manual scheduling that makes customers fall through the cracks. The Amilia app and private lessons feature lets staff update their availability anytime, anywhere. And because the feature updates the schedule automatically, in real-time, you won't lose any potential bookings.

3. You spend countless hours going back and forth with clients to schedule private lessons and reschedule for cancellations.

With our new feature, customers can see coaches’ real-time availability and book their own lessons online, even after hours - bookings that could have otherwise been lost if it weren't for the convenience of clicking “book now”. Without that added task, you are free to focus on your most pressing needs - including a much-needed lunch break! Coaches can self-organize a schedule that works for them too. (A bonus: when clients can schedule appointments consistently and easily online, their relationship with your organization becomes stronger, boosting their loyalty and accountability. #winwin)

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4. Empty time slots are still glaring in your facility's calendar even though your lessons are in demand and your coaches are busy: you just don't have the administrative capacity to fill up empty slots or even figure out where the empty time slots are.

Not to worry, our private lessons feature sees everyone’s availability and facilities’ availability - kind of like an omnipresent virtual assistant. It automatically pulls information from all the necessary schedules to build a ready-to-book calendar.

5. No-shows still happen, leaving coaches and clients in the lurch while you reschedule and shift the calendar around again—communication breakdown much?

From wasted prep time to lost revenue, it’s no secret that no-shows can be a massive source of frustration and throw off the flow of your organization, coaches, and parents. Make sure that students and coaches know when and where to show up using our scheduling feature: it sends confirmation emails to students, coaches and your administration immediately upon booking. They'll know exactly what lesson is booked, where it takes place, with which instructor and for which customer (especially important for customers who are juggling a family schedule of their own). Confirmation emails also help build your relationship with customers, proven to help them stay accountable for their appointments.

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Want to experience private lessons scheduling made easy?

Experience private lesson booking through the eyes of your customers by using our interactive demo of Amilia's private lessons scheduler and learn more about how to set up and integrate Amilia's new private lessons feature into your system.