Thirty, Funded, and Thriving: Amilia Receives $30 Million Investment to Broaden Access to Ecommerce for Activities & Recreation

This additional funding will drive our mission to transform the activity and recreation industry!

Miriam Saslove
Miriam Saslove
May 25, 2022 2 min read

Yes, you read that right – Amilia has officially received $30 million in a new funding round led by the Canadian Business Growth Fund (CBGF), Export Development Canada (EDC), and Investissement Quebec (IQ)! We’re so excited to finally share the news with the world! This is an amazing opportunity to further broaden access to eCommerce for community organizations and activity businesses through our innovative SmartRecTM platform.

But hold on, let’s rewind a bit...

A Digital Transformation Propelled by the Pandemic

It's no secret that COVID-19 brought about a digital shift; the last two years or so have highlighted the need for accessible eCommerce around the globe. While the term “eCommerce” has become more widely known in recent years, it now extends beyond the sale of products – and we’re proud to be pioneering the application of eCommerce to activity-based businesses and community organizations.

But what exactly will we be doing with the money? Introducing...

✨ The 30/30/30 Framework ✨

Here’s how it breaks down: using the $30 million, we will be opening 30 new positions in the next 30 days. Our team will grow from 120 to 150 employees! This ambitious target will strengthen our ability to hone and expand the SmartRec platform, ultimately bolstering its status in the market, while allowing us and our customers to better serve even more communities.

“As demand for online resources increases post-pandemic, one of Amilia’s main goals is to leverage this funding to accelerate our market share, while launching new products, such as an activity Marketplace and a tool to help organizations become more financially sustainable. This goal can only be made possible with the addition of new Amilians and, of course, our investment partners,” said Francois Gaouette, our passionate Founder & CEO.

So, what’s next?

While this additional capital will be transformative for the company, rest assured: the Amilia you know and love isn’t going anywhere! We plan to remain true to our core values of innovation, passion, supporting communities, and providing an outstanding customer experience for both the admin and the participant. Supported by the full power of our partners, we’ll simply be able to keep working toward our mission to support community activity organizations, no matter their size or technological comfort level.

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