Get Ready for the 2023 NRPA Annual Conference!

Download the packing list to help you & your team prepare!

Alanna Crochetiere
Alanna Crochetiere
August 28, 2023 2 min read

Whether it’s your first big conference or your fifth, going to an event of this scale is an epic experience! With over 8000 people in attendance and 100s of businesses exhibiting at the NRPA Annual Conference this year, not to mention speakers and organizers, going in prepared and with a plan in mind can make all the difference.

You want to make sure you and your colleagues are getting the most out of the event that you can, whether is learning about a particular topic, making new connections or informing yourselves on equipment or tools that could help you run your agency even better.

So, sit tight because we’ve broken down how to prepare for the 2023 NRPA Annual Conference in just 5 steps. PLUS, at the end, you can download our conference packing list which will help you make sure you don’t forget a thing.

Oh, and don’t forget that the Amilia team will be on sight at booth #1123. You can stop by anytime to discover more about how there is better tech for all your programming and activity management needs. 💙

  • Plan Ahead: Set clear goals for what you and your teammates want to achieve at the conference, whether it's networking, learning, or testing out new tools and equipment. Take some time to research the schedule, speakers, topics and exhibitors to prioritize your time accordingly. You can even divide and conquer certain goals, so that you make the most of the long list of speakers and vendors.
  • Note Down Your Needs: In the hustle and bustle of it all, it can be a bit overwhelming. If you're planning to meet with vendors or consult experts in the field, it’s beneficial to take some time to mentally plan or write down some notes of what you want to ask or what you are looking for in a new tool or equipment.
  • Networking Strategy: After identifying key experts or vendors you'd like to connect with, you can reach out before the event through social media and email to schedule meetings or note down their booth numbers. To save time and be extra efficient (because going to this conference is in addition to your regular duties), you can put together a template and tweak it depending on who you are writing to.
  • Daily Essentials: Pack a small backpack or crossbody bag to have with you throughout each day. A water bottle, energy bar, business cards, chargers, notepads and pen are some of the essentials we suggest. For some ideas on what you should pack for the full event, you can download our complete packing list below!
  • Follow Up Plan: After the conference, review your notes, add any additional comments and book a debrief session with your team or anyone else who might benefit from the knowledge and information you acquired. Bringing back your learnings to your agency is how you can really get the full value of an amazing event like the NRPA 2023 Annual Conference.

While being prepared and having a plan is important, it’s also good to balance it with openness to being in the moment and taking advantage of unexpected opportunities! No matter your approach, with all the amazing speakers, events, attendees and exhibitors, you’ll be sure to have an epic time this October in Dallas.

Speaking of people to meet... don’t be shy, come and say hello to the Amilia team at booth #1123!

See you there!

Don’t forget a thing.

Download our tradeshow and conference packing list to make sure you’re prepared for the 2023 NRPA conference!