Make This Fall Your Best Registration Season Yet

5 software features you should leverage to prevent headaches and fill your programs!

Alanna Crochetiere
Alanna Crochetiere
September 7, 2023 2 min read

Let's be real – the process of getting folks registered for your activities and programming can feel as chaotic as a pile of leaves blowing around on a windy day... Endless forms, last-minute inquiries flooding in, and the constant worry of missing potential participants.

Here at Amilia, we've got your back. In this article, we've highlighted some handy software features that will help make this fall registration – and all the registration seasons to come – the best yet.

From digital forms and eSignatures that'll have you wondering why you ever used paper forms, to automated waitlists and confirmation emails and reminders, we're here to remind you that there just might be an easier and more effective way of doing things!

Digital Forms

  • Digital forms with eSignatures: Your business likely has unique questions for customers when they register – how old are they? Who is their emergency contact? What size do they wear? Any allergies? Well, you can customize these fields when creating forms on a sophisticated platform. Being online makes it easy to create and manage any number of forms you need to run your activities, and they can be assigned to specific programs, subscriptions or memberships.
  • Flexible payment options: When choosing an activity and recreation management software, make sure to look at all the options offered for payment and if it’s flexible enough for your clients. Offering installment plans, credit card, debit and eCheck payments will help you ensure that no one is missing out (and you aren’t missing out on filling that spot) because clients or members can’t pay in the way that works for them.
Flexible Payment

  • E-mail confirmations & reminders: An essential part of any online experience for a client is that the experience is clear and that the proper communications are had between your organization and them. Having emails that automatically send with registration confirmation, billing information and even reminders for payments or activity details will make your members or clients feel extra attended to!

  • Automated Wait Lists: Sometimes your classes or programs fill up on registration day, but people back out. Now, what do you do with that open spot? Here’s where wait lists come in. Hopeful participants can put their name on the list and be notified on a first come, first served basis of any spots that open up.

Drop-ins: Ok so this one is technically for after the registration process, but it still can help you guarantee full classes for your activities all session long. A drop-in feature lets you display open spots for any of your on-going activities and clients or members can sign up if they wish to casually attend or to just give a class a try.

By making sure the tools you have for registrations create an amazing experience for your clients, you’ll be fostering effective communication, and gathering all the information you need, and your fall registration process will be the best yet.

With a smoother registration process, you'll not only enhance participant satisfaction but also find yourself with more time and energy to focus on what you love most: running your programs and sharing your passions.

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