Seasonal Staff Management: 5 Ways to Streamline Operations

Reduce the complexity of managing seasonal staff with strategies that simplify operations.

Alanna Crochetiere
Alanna Crochetiere
February 16, 2023 2 min read

Whether you’re managing a sports camp, an outdoor swimming pool, a house league sport or a combination of all of them (hey we know you’re out there!), you have busy seasons. That means you require more staff for a short amount of time!

Adding these seasonal staff members can make some of your responsibilities more complex. This eBook will help you take the steps towards making managing those staff members easier and all around making your busiest season more streamlined.

Make Them Part of The Team: Onboarding Strategies

One of the main challenges with seasonal staff is fitting in enough training in a short time. Help them jump into their role and apply what they learn quickly and effectively by making sure they are equally as equipped as returning staff, pairing them with a mentor and by introducing socially to their teammates to help strengthen communication and collaboration.

Schedule Smart, Stress Less: Employee Timetables

A major way to streamline the process when scheduling seasonal staff is by incorporating what you know about their experience level and then building it into your scheduling. For example, pair seasonal staff with returning staff, so that they can lean on the more experienced staff member for guidance. You can also schedule them in the same morning shift so that they only need to learn the tasks for opening.

Hacks for Activities & Facilities Everyone Will Appreciate: Managing Class Rosters and Facility Responsibilities

There can be too much to catch onto for a seasonal worker when training in these areas. There are a few hacks to streamline these (often administrative or behind the scenes) responsibilities for seasonal staff such as an online back-office system that gives them access to client profiles, payment information or a facility and access management tool that gives auditory or visual signals when a client is entering and needs to update their account.

For the last 2 strategies as well as templates and checklists, download the guide today! 👇

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