Amilia Ranked in the Top 500 Fastest Growing SaaS Companies by Latka

How we continued to drive revenues in 2021 and what’s next in 2022

Kim Fortin
Kim Fortin
February 14, 2022 2 min read

In 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic continued to present challenges for businesses across the globe, including those in the recreation industry. Many organizations re-evaluated their digital strategy, adopted new technology, and shifted revenue sources.

Through it all, we at Amilia submitted our revenue growth data to Latka for the annual Latka500: The fastest-growing SaaS (Software as a Service) companies of 2021. There were 18,047 applications submitted to Lakta, meaning just 2.7% made the top 500.

We’re excited to share that Amilia ranked 432nd with a revenue growth of 35%.
Top500 Saa S Blog Image

This growth wouldn’t have been possible without all of the support from our 1,000+ customers across North America. While the number of SaaS companies continues to increase, we expect to keep up with this rapid growth in the coming year.

In total, Latka500 SaaS companies made $13 billion in combined 2021 revenues (up from $8 billion in 2020) and have raised a total of $35 billion. We’re in good company, as you can see.

See the full rankings here: Latka500 List of Top SaaS Companies (Ranked by 2021 Revenue Growth)

We plan to share some exciting news with you in 2022, including a new look & feel for our storefronts, and a modernized Access Management Solution. Want to hear more about how Amilia is growing along with our CEO François's vision for the future? Tune in to Gaouette's interview with Latka.

As always, achievements like these are thanks to our 1,000+ customers who play a vital role in helping us grow and rank among the best SaaS companies in the world. We’re committed to our mission of enabling organizations to engage with their community by making it easy to find, register, and pay for activities online with the power of eCommerce.