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Pallavi Borkar
Pallavi Borkar
December 9, 2021 2 min read

The support we offer our customers is one of the many reasons activity-based organizations choose us over others. Our Customer Care team plays a crucial role in ensuring our customers always feel like their needs are taken care of.

We asked Lauren Bougie, our Customer Care team lead, what the team's mission is. “To help our customers find what they are looking for and make their day a little better. Whether that means guidance to help find an answer to their question, a solution for their problem, or just a friend to talk to," she said.

We also reached out to some of our customers to find out what makes support at Amilia special, so don't just take our word for it - keep reading to see what they had to say.

Customer Care Team - Amilia

"Laura was prompt, diligent and thorough when guiding me through the questions I had for her. She was patient and went above and beyond to ensure that I had all the answers I needed. Greatly appreciated!"

Rayna Marques, Cheer Sport Sharks, ON, Canada

“The team was very clear with answers to my questions – giving me the reasoning behind the answers and what effect each scenario would give me. I really appreciate that.”

Sheryl Gill, Comité Jeunesse NDG, QC, Canada

Our numbers speak for themselves

Our customer care specialists think of our customers as collaborators and focus on finding the answers together. This approach not only helps us provide the support our customers need but it also facilitates the identification of best practices and out-of-the-box thinking that can help other organizations in similar situations.

Many times, administrators will contact support just to validate their configuration ideas with the team – something our support specialists love to help with. Our team’s competence, approachability, and collaboration translate into very high customer satisfaction scores month-over-month, year-over-year.

Average customer satisfaction - Amilia

Average support volume - Amilia

“The follow up was nice. Making sure I was taken care of since I mentioned I would need help throughout the day.”

John Martarano, Little Kitchen Academy, US & Canada

“What can I say - calm, friendly, helpful, understanding. These are certainly challenging times. Emily and the Amilia team have demonstrated grace under pressure! Thank you!”

June Zurowski, Saskatoon Seniors Continued Learning Inc., SK, Canada

What makes support at Amilia unique

Unlike with others on the market where getting an answer to your question can take hours or even weeks, we invest resources to make getting support, reporting bugs, and making feature requests as easy as we possibly can. Our average first response time for chats in 2021 was 8 min!

Mystery Gang, one of our development teams, focuses primarily on troubleshooting and technical investigation. Our customer care team works closely with them to answer customer questions, fix reported bugs, prioritize & escalate incoming improvement requests, and more. Having a development team that’s dedicated to support not only keeps product development on track but also improves customer experience through timely and valuable support.

“Really helpful with sending images to guide in processes and following up that I have understood everything. I felt comfortable revealing my ignorance and asking for help. Thank you!”

Bryn Poirier, Third Age Learning at Kwantlen, BC, Canada

Customers supported in 2021 - Amilia

Last, but certainly not the least, Amilia offers support to end users i.e., our customers’ customers. From lost password requests to questions about online checkout during peak registration periods, we take care of it all so that our customers can focus on meaningfully engaging their communities instead.

A customer satisfaction rating of 97% isn’t achieved overnight. It's a feat that requires consistency and commitment - something Amilia has mastered over the years. Our approach proves that putting customers first not only helps them create value for their communities, but it also helps us build a platform that they would be happy to use for years to come.

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