Amilia and Evolia Integrate their Technologies to Provide Best-in-Class Management Tools to the Recreation Industry

Amilia and Evolia, two growing tech companies, are thrilled to unveil the result of their collaborative efforts: a real-time integration of their unique software solutions. Amilia's extensive network of over 1,500 customers can now connect their online registration and management software to Evolia's reliable workforce platform.

This integration streamlines the way recreational organizations manage their teams' schedules, track absences, and maintain timesheets. All this, while staying connected to Amilia's software handling online registrations, payments, facility management, and so much more. The combined offering allows organizations to save time and offer their staff members a more modern employee experience.

Amilia's President, Hugo Lachance, emphasizes this partnership stems from critically addressing issues that sports organizations, Parks & Recreation agencies, and community centers such as YMCAs have expressed over time. "Our clients persistently highlight challenges like labor shortages, management complexities, and staff retention. In responding to their needs, we found in Evolia a strategic ally who can help our customers navigate these challenges," explains Hugo.

Martin Ouellet, Founding President of Evolia, is delighted with this new partnership: "We are convinced that in the current context, we are observing a transfer of decision-making power from the company to the worker. Solutions that increase flexibility in terms of time management and work as a whole are essential for the survival of organizations. With Amilia as a partner, we considerably increase the offer and together become essential for time and activity management," he adds.

The two companies are not only revolutionizing management solutions for the recreation sector but are also committed to sharing their knowledge and experience with industry professionals. This partnership is more than about solutions—it's about empowering organizations for future success. With this noble educational objective in mind, the organizations are hosting a free webinar to discuss recruiting and retaining tips for Gen Z employees.

About Amilia
Founded in 2009, Amilia is on a mission to simplify the management of organizations offering activities and memberships to their community. From eCommerce, scheduling, reservations, waitlists, staff, facilities, financial sustainability, and more, Amilia is broadening access to modern technology for over 1,500 organizations. Its robust end-to-end solutions support small businesses, membership-based non-profits, community centers, and Parks & Recreation agencies in their aim to engage their local communities. For more information, visit

About Evolia
Evolia is a workforce management platform for shift-based businesses. Founded in 2016, its recent evolution adapts to modern realities of the workplace; putting worker demands at the forefront by arming them with schedule flexibility and freedom, while managers efficiently oversee operations and maximize their time, employee availability, and optimize the cost of their workforce. Solutions include; covering open shifts with qualified and verified workers from a pool of local talent, managing time, attendance, leave requests, and payroll.

Media Contact
Kim Fortin
Director, Brand & Communication, Amilia