Amilia Teams Up with Pidj to Improve Participant Engagement in the Recreation Industry

Amilia, a leading Recreation Management Software provider, is pleased to partner with Pidj, a specialist in text messaging solutions for community-driven organizations. This collaboration is set to empower local organizations by seamlessly integrating Amilia’s comprehensive management platform with Pidj’s SMS software.

Engagement Made Effortless

Through this integration, staying connected with community members is simplified, ensuring that organizations can easily boost sign-ups and foster recurring engagement. By leveraging the synergy between Amilia’s SmartRec and Pidj’s tailored texting platform, community-driven organizations can enjoy streamlined communications, increased attendance, and heightened member satisfaction.

Community members will also benefit from the convenience of registering for programs via desktop, phone, or tablet, and the ability to opt into communication campaigns for camps, programs, memberships, and merchandise makes engaging with their favorite local organizations easier than ever.

Innovative Segmentation & Targeted Messaging

This new partnership offers unprecedented capabilities in segmenting audiences based on various programs and activities. "With this partnership, we aim to help organizations better serve their members by targeting their communications with precision, reaching the right audience with the right message at the right time," commented Hugo Lachance, President of Amilia. "In Pidj, we've found a like-minded partner dedicated to enhancing participant engagement through innovative solutions," added Lachance.

With Amilia's solutions currently broadening access to technology for over 1,500 organizations, and Pidj's focus on creating personal connections via text messaging since its conception in 2016, this partnership is a natural progression towards optimized service delivery in the recreation sector. "We're thrilled about our partnership with Amilia. Together, we're not just connecting communities, we're enhancing the entire recreational experience.", mentioned Erik Drumm, CEO of Pidj.

About Amilia

Founded in 2009, Amilia is on a mission to simplify the management of organizations offering activities and memberships to their community. From eCommerce, scheduling, reservations, waitlists, staff, facilities, financial sustainability, and more, Amilia is broadening access to modern technology for over 1,500 organizations. Its robust end-to-end solutions support small businesses, membership-based non-profits, community centers, and Parks & Recreation agencies in their aim to engage their local communities. For more information, visit

About Pidj

Hatched in 2016, has revolutionized the way businesses interact with customers through the simplicity and power of text messaging. Their platform enables organizations to forge deeper, more personalized connections with their clients, embodying a customer-first ideology since its inception.

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Director, Brand & Communication, Amilia