6 Ways to Upgrade Your Gym’s Customer Experience with Card on File

Consider the way businesses operated before credit cards. Chances are you can’t — but before the 1950s, many businesses did just that.

Tatiana Crisan
Tatiana Crisan
February 28, 2019 5 min read

Before the 1950s, it was fairly common practice to allow customers to keep tabs, which they would (hopefully) pay back later. To keep track of these tabs, merchants would use ledgers. Needless to say, the process was tedious at best. Imagine if you had to flip through the pages of a ledger book to access a customer’s records simply to add that $19.99.

A few strokes of genius later and lo and behold, the credit card was born. It’s gone through a few iterations since, but credit cards now function as an integral aspect of the customer/business relationship—not to mention a key component of business operations, too.

Not only do credit cards provide customers with an easy way to pay, but they also provide businesses with an efficient way to charge and collect payments from customers. At Amilia, we’re always finding ways to make payments more convenient for your customers and admins.

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Introducing Card on File from Amilia

Amilia now provides admins the ability to safely process payments instantly on behalf of clients with the credit card information saved to their profile. Picture the time it takes for admins to ask customers for their payment details, fill them in and then processing the payment. Now imagine going through that process in seconds.

And while you’re daydreaming of everything that can be done with the time your organization will be saving, here are six ways your customer experience will be upgraded with card on file. To learn more about how to use this feature, check out this article. Please note that these features are only available for customers using PaySafe for their merchant account

1. Faster online checkout for customers

This, of course, is one of the more obvious benefits. When customers checkout, they can choose to save their card information. In short, it’s an effective way to speed up the checkout process for your customers; future purchases. Additionally, your customers can authorize your organization to make future transactions on their behalf.

2. Provide extra services

Be it equipment rentals, amenity use or other additional services, card on file makes charging for add-ons simple and straightforward. Process customer payments without needing to input their individualized information again and again. Just make sure to get their go-ahead before upselling!

3. Make it easy to pay balances

Spare your customers the trouble of checking and paying off balances. Having customers’ cards on file helps free up their time so they can better enjoy your services. It also helps you take control of everything from account corrections to late fees. In fact, you can even rerun failed payments, helping you keep the books balanced.

4. Ensure your customers’ safety and security

Card on file keeps customers’ sensitive information safe. When processing real-time payments, admins can only see the last four digits of customers’ credit card number. This ensures a secure purchasing process from beginning to end.

5. Mass charge your customers

With mass charge, you can now collect payment from multiple customers all at once. Take competitive cheer teams for example—whether it’s an equipment purchase or a group trip, charge everything to everyone all at once. Simply filter those enrolled in the same activity, create and assign an invoice and charge the amount directly to customers’ credit cards.

6. Offer monthly subscriptions

Last but certainly not least, card on file allows customers to sign up for monthly subscriptions. Every month, admins can simply select those enrolled in a subscription membership in order to charge customers’ credit cards. This means your customers spend less time having to manually pay month-by-month.

If you’re looking to fully automate your subscription service, request early access by logging into:

Amilia > Memberships > Subscriptions.

For more information, check out this article.