Employee Spotlight: Laïla’s Evolution from Implementation Consultant to Product Manager

Discover Laïla’s path at Amilia from consulting to product management, showcasing the expertise behind our solutions.

Kim Fortin
Kim Fortin
March 7, 2024 2 min read

At Amilia, innovation isn't just about cutting-edge technology—it's about the people who bring it to life. That's why we're proud to introduce our Employee Spotlight series, a celebration of the brilliant minds shaping the future of our solutions. This series goes beyond the code to highlight the passion, expertise, and creativity of the employees driving our success. Join us as we explore their stories, offering a human perspective on the technology that powers the growth of more than 1,500 organizations.

Kicking off our Employee Spotlight series, we’re proud to introduce Laïla Salah as our inaugural feature. Laïla’s path from engineering to consulting, and ultimately to product management, showcases the innovative spirit and expertise behind our solutions.

A Passion to Solve Problems

Laïla's story at Amilia began with a spark—a passion for untangling complex challenges and transforming them into streamlined, user-friendly solutions. Brought into the fold as an Implementation Consultant, Laïla quickly became known for her problem-solving skills, always with one ear to the ground and one eye on the horizon, listening to customer feedback.

Laïla played a pivotal role in a notable project: the launch of our Recreation Management Software with the City of Fredericton. From change management sessions to in-person training lessons, Laïla showcased her ability to tune into customer needs and translate them into tangible solutions.

A New Chapter: Transition to Product Manager

After demonstrating a clear ability to solve complex problems, Laïla embarked on a new journey at Amilia, stepping into the role of Product Manager. With the support of her direct manager, she completed her certification to become a Certified ScrumMaster. With this new role, Laïla wears multiple hats—strategist, researcher, communicator, and visionary—while keeping the human element at the core of our technology. Laïla's responsibilities as a Product Manager have been instrumental in shaping our products to meet and exceed the evolving market needs.

Staying Connected to Our Customers

Perhaps the most vital aspect of Laïla's journey has been her commitment to understanding and connecting with our customers. It's one thing to solve problems behind a screen, but another to dive deep into the waters of customer experience, getting to know the waves and currents that our users navigate daily. Laïla has always prioritized this connection, ensuring that the solutions we develop aren't just technologically advanced but genuinely resonate with the needs and expectations of those we serve, from large cities to smaller community-driven organizations!

Join Laïla and Our Team

Inspired by Laïla's journey? This is the essence of life at Amilia—where each day is an opportunity to solve problems, make impactful decisions, and stay intimately connected to our mission of enhancing how organizations sell their activities and connect with their community members. Whether you're a tech enthusiast or someone passionate about making a real difference, there's a place for you at Amilia. Dive into our world, where innovation, commitment, and growth go hand in hand.

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