12 Ways Amilia Helps Activity-Based Organizations Better Serve Their Communities

Keep reading to discover the ways our clients use SmartRec™ to improve user-experience, minimize admin burden and make a difference in their communities.

Alanna Crochetiere
Alanna Crochetiere
June 24, 2022 2 min read

With so many options out there, choosing the right eCommerce software for your activities can feel like an impossible task. Find out how Amilia’s SmartRec™ stands out from the crowd, and how it can help you offer more to your community, by hearing what our current clients have to say.

1. Create a user-friendly experience for staff and customers

Bringing your organization online should make the day-to-day easier for you, your staff and clients. Our SmartRec software is designed to be intuitive for everyone who uses it, whether admin or client.

“SmartRec is very user friendly for staff and customers.”

Jason S., Park Director

Source: Capterra, 2021

2. Provide a reliable platform for the busiest seasons

Registration season can make or break the success of your programs. With 99.99% uptime, SmartRec can manage surges in demand so that your participants can sign up for the activities without any headaches.

“Amilia helps us efficiently manage the registration side of things, so that we can focus on the essentials.”

Samuel Garant, Director of Operations at Sports Montréal

Source: When Sports Montréal Met Amilia: Not Your Average Software Story, 2022

3. Discover financial sustainability and bring value to your community thanks to data & reporting

You want to be putting resources towards what will make the most impact, but knowing which activities bring the most value can be hard to determine. With a robust financial reporting system, tracking whether an activity is cost-effective helps you make informed decisions about your programming.

“Our goal is showing our community that we are going to put their tax dollars towards initiatives that benefit them! Using their input and our data [collected with SmartRec] to justify how we make decisions about resources helps us offer better programming”

Chelsey A., Recreation Supervisor, FORPD

Source: Fostering Social Equity Through Data: Fair Oaks RPD, 2021

Data Reporting

4. Offer flexible payment options for those who need it most

We know that making your activities as accessible as possible is a huge priority for you. With payment options like monthly instalments and self-serve scholarships, your members will have everything they need for a successful check-out.

“I like being able to help clients sign up for the classes with ease and even set up payment plans for them, so they don't feel financially burdened.”

Danielle J., Administrative Assistant, Sports Organization

Source: Capterra, 2021

5. Gather the information you need about your clients with electronic forms

Having the right information about your participants helps you to provide them with an experience that is tailored to their needs. Whether collecting basic information, age group requirements, skill levels or a permission slip, using software that makes forms part of the registration process means you won’t be chasing parents to bring back printouts.

“Signing forms electronically makes our registration and classes run so much smoother!”

Administrator in Health, Wellness and Fitness

Source: G2, 2022

6. Make your programs accessible for signups anytime, from anywhere

Giving your clients the freedom to sign up online allows them the flexibility to decide when, where and how they do it. Whether from at home, the office or on-the-go, they’ll be able to access your programming 24/7: when it works best for them.

“The biggest reason we made the switch to this software was for our customers and it was absolutely the right decision. I would say over 95% of our users love it. The accessibility, ease of use, a new but smarter way to register.”

David M., Executive Director, Lindenhurst Park District

Source: Capterra, 2020

7. Let your members sign up and pay right on your website

It can be confusing for users to have to jump from your website to another, just to register and pay. With SmartRec, you can use an iFrame to add SmartRec directly into your website, which creates a simple and seamless experience for every visitor.

“We were able to integrate [the registration system into the Grapevine website] in such a way that our users would have a seamless online registration experience.”

Amanda R., Marketing Manager, Grapevine Parks & Rec

Source: How Grapevine Parks & Recreation empowered their community to register online, 2021


8. Optimize your admin processes so staff can focus on your community

Running your operations and back office can sometimes feel like it’s taking away from what matters to you most: your community. With SmartRec, you can automate repetitive tasks and consolidate everything into one place so that you and your staff have more time to focus on what’s most important to you.

“Prior to Amilia, we had separate systems for scheduling, billing, and maintaining the client database. It is now all integrated.”

Etienne B., Treasurer, Non-for-Profit

Source: Capterra, 2020

9. Engage your participants with a sleek storefront and appealing visuals

With SmartRec, you can create a unique experience for your users where they can get a sense of what your organization stands for through unique customizations to your storefront. They’ll be able to easily find their activities thanks to the intuitive layout and helpful photos.

“[SmartRec] provides fun ways to integrate club's themes and photos into activities and storefronts.”

Gillian R., Manager, Recreational Facilities and Services

Source: Capterra, 2020

10. Enable your community to get the most out of your facilities

SmartRec supports facility rentals and bookings through our calendar feature. It’s easy for admins to keep the availabilities up to date by copying them across multiple days, which allows your community to maximize the facilities in their community. In turn, you can maximize revenues to offer even more to them.

“The calendar is a lot better than our previous solution – if the same activity or rental is available every day, I just copy it across multiple days.”

Elisa H., Associate Director of Administration, Triangle Aquatic Center

Source: Patrons, staff, and facilities synchronized swimmingly: How Triangle Aquatic Center increased their revenue 65% YoY, 2021


11. Stay in close contact with members and participants

Having an online platform doesn’t only help with registrations, it makes contacting participants significantly easier. The communication features SmartRec offers, like the Constant Contact integration, keeps you in touch with your clients any time you want to inform them of a change in programming, a new activity or an exciting event.

“The ability to track communications has been a lifesaver for us.”

June T., Owner and Founder, Inspire Sports Victoria

Source: Inspire Sports Victoria: how our online platform helped grow their member base six-fold in 2 years, 2021

12. Get the right support system for you, so that you can be there to support your community

Using an eCommerce tool for activities should be easy! With other platforms it can be hard to get in touch with support when you need it. With SmartRec’s average response time of just 5 minutes, you’ll have the answers you need in no time. This will help keep everything running smoothly for your community, without any headaches.

“Lauren was patient and helpful. (She) created a service ticket and the problem was solved within an hour. Amilia support is a huge reason why this platform was our choice!”

Brian S., Hillsborough Recreation's HIVE

Source: Transforming Customer Experiences, one interaction at a time, 2021

Customer care

At the end of the day, it’s about making sure you set yourself up with the right tools so that you are equipped to offer your community the best experiences and benefits possible.

With an eCommerce platform for activities like SmartRec, you’ll be able to make the most of your time, resources and facilities to provide activities that make a difference to your community.

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