How Registration Software Can Help Your Camp Manage Demand while Increasing Revenue

Get exclusive advice from a camp registration expert, Jessica Abreu, Director of Administration at TAC Sports!

Alanna Crochetiere
Alanna Crochetiere
March 17, 2023 2 min read

Get exclusive advice from a camp registration expert

We harness the expertise and experience of Jessica Abreu, Director of Administration at Toronto Athletic Camps (TAC) Sports, who has managed registrations for her organization for over 6 years! That’s dozens of registration seasons and thousands of camper registrations. With the help of registration software, Jessica and TAC Sports registered over 7k participants last year alone. We’re so excited to share her insights with you.

Registration season can be make or break for you as you wait to see if you’ll fill your spots, manage demand, and get all the information you need from your campers-to-be. It’s also a crucial time for parents to lock-in childcare.

In our eBook, How Registration Software Can Help Your Camp Manage Demand while Increasing Revenue, we’ve gathered strategies (and pulled from real-life experience) that can be leveraged alongside a modern and reliable registration software to increase revenue, manage demand, and overall improve your registration processes.

We break it down into 3 steps:

1. How to Improve Your Camp Registration Process And Please Parents

Did you know that when choosing a camp for their children, parents ranked “ease of registration” as the 3rd most important factor in that decision? So, there’s no doubt that it’s worth investing time and energy in improving the process and that doing so will help you take the right steps towards achieving your goals and growing your camp. Here are some key areas that an all-in-one registration software can help with:

- Digital forms make it easy to capture information about your campers

Jessica says: “What’s great about the forms feature is that they can be used differently for each activity you offer. For example, if your summer camp offers swim lessons, you can customize your form to include a question about the child’s swim level. If you don’t, you can simply leave it out. Each activity or program you offer can have its own unique form.”

- Online forms provided by software solutions help camp managers share important information efficiently

Jessica shares: “Parents aren’t always good at searching for information about your camp and so instead of grabbing it themselves they’ll email you. I keep the tab open when I answer emails so that I can link directly to our activities on Amilia as well as to our website for other information.”

online forms snippet with aquatics member of the camp

Digital forms make it easy to capture information about your campers

2. Best Way to Manage Camp Registration Demand with Software Solutions

It’s challenging for you to balance all the responsibilities you have while tracking, checking-off and following up with the individual status of waitlists, drop-ins and what it means for the camp as a business. Is it possible to open up another group? Are you capitalizing on the spots we do have? You can streamline the workflow and gather valuable insights into which of your programs, age groups or types of camp have the most demand. We cover:

- Online tools provide camp managers organized dashboards and hands-off waitlists

“The waitlist feature has been phenomenal.” Jessica says. “It just makes our life so much easier. Rather than having to keep our own list separately from our registration system, and then if we happen to misplace the list or not pay attention to the list for a single day... The list would always immediately get out of hand.”

- Maximize your resources without extra work. Find out the best features to shop for and tactics on how to improve your camp management with online software tools.

3. Online Registration Software Help Camps Increase their Revenue

At the end of the day, what makes your camp successful is being able to continue to offer a crucial service and a whole lot of value to parents and children in the community you serve. Part of that is continuing to grow when it comes to revenue so that you can hire qualified staff at competitive wages, provide new services, keep your equipment and facilities up to date and maintain the quality of what you do. In this section we discuss:

- Using camp online registration software help camps realizing their goals while exceeding parents' expectations. Learn about this here.

- Consult our real-life success stories by clicking here!

It might sound like there’s a lot to be done, but an advanced, all-in-one camp registration software makes it easier.

Discover all the details and real-life camp advice in our eBook!

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